The Coder as the Last, Best Hope for the Right DRG

If the story doesn't make sense, there is probably something missing. There are a variety of reasons why the DRG might not tell the story of the patient encounter. Some of these include:

Suboptimal medical care

Suboptimal documentation

Missed CDI opportunities (CDIS is used for whoever is performing the CDI role)

Suboptimal coding

I just finished putting together the slide deck for my talk, CDI: The Coder as the Last, Best Hope for the Right DRG and I can't wait for March 21st! I have some fascinating cases to go over with you, and some conditions which you might not always see. I can't fix ALL of the reasons why the DRG goes awry, but let's explore some together. Join me at the OHIMA 2018 Annual Meeting & Trade Show in Columbus in March.  Hope to see you there!

Dr. Erica Remer is scheduled to speak at the OHIMA 2018 Annual Meeting's Coding Day on Wednesday, March 21st at 12:45 PM.  If you are interested in hearing her presentation as well as many other fantastic speakers, register for the OHIMA Annual Meeting today!